Why do I sell my used panties?

It brings me so much pleasure knowing that my dirty used panties are being enjoyed by men all over the globe. I like nothing more than to get home after a long shift, take off my wet panties and send them straight to you, so you’re able to fully enjoy my moist, womanly scent.

I often take a little time to think about what my wet panties do to you and I get so excited – it really does turn me on!

I love the thought that you’re smelling me, it makes me wetter and even more dirty!

Added Extras

I always try and go the extra mile for my customers, from wearing my panties for longer than 24 hours to adding a few naughty surprises, if that’s what you fancy.

You can add most extras before you purchase, however, if there are things you’d like with your order that you can’t specify before buying from the site, you can email me at me@carlysusedpanties.com.

My Newest Used Panties

You will always find new items added to the site, so you have lots of different styles to choose from. My site has recently been updated so I’ve tried to add as many new, naughtier images and products to get your juices flowing, as possible! I’ve included panties, bra sets and hosiery items which I can wear anywhere, anyhow, upon your request. Have a look and let me know what you think.

Worn French Knickers
Worn Briefs
Worn Thongs